Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp #16

Battle of Gaines' Mill, Virginia

The Battle of Gaines' Mill aka First Battle of Cold Harbor or the Battle of Chickahominy River took place on June 27, 1862.

The battle was the third battle of seven battles that would be fought. Robert E. Lee renewed his attacks against Union Brigadier General Fitz John Porter's V Corps which held a heavy fortified position behind Boatswain's Swamp, North of the Chickahominy River. Porters reinforced V Corps held their position inflicting heavy casualties on the Confederate Soldiers.

The Confederates were eventually able to strike with a coordinated attack which broke Porter defensives line and drove the Union soldiers back toward the river which Porter and his soldiers crossed during the night.

this loss convinced the Army of the Potomac commander Magor General George B. McClellan to abandon his advance on Richmond and begin the retreat to James River.

The confederates became to disorganize to encircle and pursue the Union forces.

The Battle of Gaines' Mill saved Richmond for the Confederacy in 1862.


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